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√ This product is Cruelty Free, Vegan friendly, Irish hand made. Ethically conscious producer.

Céadfaí is Irish/Gaelic for 'Senses' hence the tag line 'Indulge your senses'

Created by an aromatherapist, carefully chosen essential oils to not only give a fabulous aroma but a lil therapy too!

Pictures are for illustration purposes only, colours of boxes etc may vary.

Pure Range = Candles/melts

Quality premium candle/melts made with 100% natural vegetable/plant wax bases and natural essential oils.

Scented Tealights: Pack of 4. Up to 4 hours burn time per tealight.  

Unscented Tealights: Packs of 3 or 6.

Not scented 
For those who wish to have the safer more natural alternative to store/multi buy tea lights.  These tea lights are made from our base waxes. The do not contain any essential oils.

Childhood Days Mwoam! Bring back those days of the simple life, all play no work and penny sweets

Christmas Carol All because the ladies name is Carol :) Unfortunately this candle will not arrive by special delivery with the handsome guy from the cholocate add! A burst of aromas which might just remind you of your days in the school choir or curled up in your new jammies watching the infamous toy show!

Christmas Night A blend of scents which evoke Christmas feelings, such as the fir tree.... Drift into a relaxed state of mind with a cosy fire, glass in hand, and the candle filling the air with those essential Christmas aromas while you wait for the visit from the man in the red suit!

Clarity When you need to rebalance and clear your mind. Relax and inhale the soothing aroma.

Energize Kick start and reboot with a lifting aroma.

Rosemantic Cosy night in, candlelight, good company ....

Sweet Dreams  A soothing blend to assist falling into a comfortable relaxed mindset

Uplifting Peppermint  Sometimes we all need the lift that only a gorgeous scent can give :). If you love uplifting peppermint this is the blend for you. It's very strong - so only for lovers of peppermint! Ideal for use if you burn you tried to bake/cook or if your dog decided to jump in puddles and drag the mucky scent indoors

Zesty Lime Sometimes we all need the lift that only a gorgeous scent can give :). Let the freshness of lime put a zest in your step!

Loving candles and strong aroma around the house but no longer willing to put up with the heavy black smoke when a candle is put out led to exploring a safer alternative and so 'Céadfaí' was born - a premium quality brand of naturally aromatic products at affordable prices. Of course there will still be smoke when you out the candle - 'tis not rocket science, it's lighting and then outed!

Also essential oils blends are still a chemical concoction, but much less black smoke than the heavily synthetically scented variety.

We make:   Vegan, Cruelty free, Irish, Hand blended & poured, Aromatic, Quality products.
We use:      Natural vegan friendly products, organic where possible.
We are:      Clean, Green, Eco-friendly.

                                               We care about the Environment
We do our best to ensure our raw materials are ethically sourced with as minimal a footprint as possible.

                                       We help to try get the life balance right!
      All our products are hand blended and poured by an Aromatherapist in Cork.

                                 We do not use palm oil or petroleum products 

Group / bulk orders welcome - weddings, corporate gifts, just because... We can work with your requirements and budget - contact us for details

Pure Range
Our pure range is made from 100% natural products

Have you seen enough of the heavy black smoke when you quench a candle?
Do you think about the dangerous chemicals used by commercial companies to 'throw' their scent - which you breath in?  Well our Pure Range carries only naturally grown '...ols' ...

Candles and Melts are made from vegetable/plant base waxes with essential oils for their aroma and therapeutic qualities - this Pure Range includes all wax melts & all candles.

Safer Range

Many commercial/other brands use synthetic chemicals to throw their scent and keep costs down. We use the safest vegan base liquid we could source.
Our Safer Range is made from vegan base with no phthalates, with natural essential oils for their scent and therapeutic qualities - this Safer range includes all diffusers and home fragrance sprays.

CÉADFAÍ ~ INDULGE YOUR SENSES - Corporate/Weddings/Special orders

  Corporate Range / Weddings / Special Occasions and Events

What better way to say:
Thank You         I Do         Congratulations          Love You    Happy Mothers' Day         Happy Birthday         Happy Christmas
                                                                                    .... or just because :)

Whatever the occasion we have a gift that's just right!  We can personalize our range with your special message.  We will help you to work with your budget and requirements

Goody bags, Hampers, Top table array, Candle cart, ... Let's get creative and ensure your clients, staff, friends and family feel adored  
Let's get the ball rolling... just Contact Us with your request and we're off!

Wedding Specials

We would love to work with you to help add ​a little glorious scent to your special day.  

​Gifts for the parents? Gifts for the bridal party? Favours for your guests?

Whatever you'd like we can work with you and your budget.

Please feel free to contact us with an idea of what you would like and your budget and we'll do our best asap
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