A - Class Feis and skirt orders - booking is agreement to terms in the details


These bookings are for current Blarney Cork Dance Academy dancers only.

This is our class feis for our current dancers only. 

Date - Sunday 23rd of June, Ballyanly hall. 

You are agreeing to the following terms by booking/purchasing this item:

Fees cover dance entries. 

Hall Booking, prize orders are made subject to bookings so no refunds available as costs will be already incurred. 

It is up to each dancer to practice enough to reach their own personal best. Steps will be taught in class. The more home practice with our online videos for support, the faster and more dancers can progress.

Booking as per your group for entry to the appropriate dances/competitions on the day. 

Groups are outlined in the What's App message to parents/guardians.

Small trophies and medals are to keep forever :)

Perpetual trophies/cups/shield for championships are for maximum of 1 year. Must be returned a month prior to next years class feis in as good condition as received. 

Required for the feis:

BDA/CDA class costume(s) or embroidered logo top and skirt/comfy shorts/leggings/skirt, tights/poodle socks/black socks, correct dance shoes. 

If you need to purchase an embroidered top, please do so now on our shop page. These items may take 3 weeks, sometimes more to be delivered. Orders to be in by May 26th at the latest.

Skirts resales: 

You may purchase a previously loved skirt and if we have a size suitable, will be given this in class prior to the feis. If not, automatic refund of the skirt purchase.

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